Joseph Schillinger The Real Father of Electronic Music.

In the 1930’s Joseph Schillinger wrote that years from now the instruments that are used in the Orchestra will become obsolete. The author of The Schillinger System of Musical Composition and The Mathematical Basis of the Arts stated that sonically the instruments in the orchestra are flawed. The combination of these instruments was the best … Read moreJoseph Schillinger The Real Father of Electronic Music.

Fundamentals in Synthesis

There are three basic building blocks in sound production 1.Pitch (Frequency) 2.Timbre 3. Loudness   We will explore in detail how these elements are used to sculpt your sounds. We will also give various patches with popular Eurorack and other format modulars. These is the basic building blocks.  

Phil’s First

  Hi my journey into Eurorack was a TipTop Happy Ending Rack and Power Supply Mutable Instruments Clouds, Sputnik Oscillator and Richter Wogglebug. After a short time and watching Frank Murder’s You Can Never Have Too Many VCAs I bought Intellijel uVCA. Many experiments not enough time. Possible next modules: Wiard Envelator and Dual Borg┬áby … Read morePhil’s First